Earth Day Featured Product: ChocoSol

It’s almost Earth Day! In honour of our beautiful Mother Earth, we thought we’d tell you about one of our newest brands, ChocoSol. This company not only makes INCREDIBLE chocolate, but they’re doing wonderful things for our planet, too.

All About ChocoSol

ChocoSol was founded in 2004 in Oaxaca, Mexico, then moved to Toronto in 2006. Their mission statement: To craft revolutionary chocolate and maize foods that are good for body, mind, and soil.

The “Sol” part of their name means “sun” in Spanish, “soil” in French, and sounds like “soul” in English, giving a unique look into the company’s values.

Their Environmental and Social Pledge

“Create an ecologically and socially just food system through chocolate, coffee, maize, and conviviality”

ChocoSol describes their relationship with their cacao farmers as “horizontal”. This means that they work in partnership with their growers, committing to socially- and environmentally-friendly practices.

Their chocolate is “bean-to-bar”, stone ground, and uses ingredients local to both Mexico (vanilla, allspice, chili) and Southern Ontario (maple sugar, mint, apple). Each bar you purchase is then wrapped in compostable and reusable packaging.

At their St. Clair West location, they even offer lessons on sustainable, ethical farming.

What products do you carry?


At this time, we’re carrying Chocosol’s eating AND drinking chocolates. In terms of eating chocolate, we carry their “Rustico Line”:

Darkness – 75% cocoa, with hints of wine, nut, fruit, and earth tones.

5 Chili Bullet – 75% cocoa, with dried chilies, allspice, achiote, and sea salt.

Luscious Coconut – 70% cocoa, with coconut butter, coconut oil, and coconut sugar.

Vanilla Sea Salt – 65% chocolate, with raw vanilla, and sea salt.

In terms of drinking chocolate, we’ve got:

Vanilla Choco-latte – 70% cacao, with vanilla

Aztec Blood – 70% cacao, with chili and achiote

Oaxacan Cinnamon – 70% cacao, with forest garden cinnamon

So come on in, try them all, and let us know which is your favourite! Spoiler alert: it may be hard to choose!

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