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Save Your Summer Skin With Sigrid Naturals

How’s your skin holding up this summer? It’s been a bad one for bites, burns, and general overheating. If your skin could use some summer lovin’, check out the amazing lineup from Sigrid Naturals.

Sigrid Naturals For the Bites, Cuts, and Burns

When you’re out and about in the summer, your skin can take a beating. Luckily, Sigrid created the solution!

Sigrid’s Comfrey Healing Salve was the first product she ever made. When Sigrid was having trouble healing from a burn on her hand, she crafted this beauty on the advice of a friend. She started using it daily, and the burn cleared up in no time, and Sigrid’s skincare line was born.

For the Sun-Kissed Face

Whether your face got kissed by the sun, or attacked by it this summer, Sigrid has a solution for you. Her line of facial moisturizers has something for absolutely everyone:

  • Carrots and Roses:  Great for thirsty & maturing skin. Very moisturizing and toning.
  • Rose Blossom: Great for all skin types, light and moisturizing.
  • Nurture Nature: Perfect for the sensitive & the scent-sitive. Fragrance free.
  • Labrador Tea Elixir: Oil-based moisturizer for intense hydration.

Whether your skin needs a little moisture, or a LOT, you’ll find something with Sigrid.

For the Beach-Blasted Body

It’s not just your face that needs a little bonus hydration in the summertime. Chances are, your body could use a little love, too.

Sigrid Naturals

For all-over moisture, try one of Sigrid’s Body Butters. The Ylang Y’love Body Butter is great for all skin types, and is perfect for super dry areas like heels and elbows. Back to the Garden Body Butter is ideal for flaky, sunburned skin. It’s both hydrating and healing, to help your summer skin live its best life.

We also have cleansing and exfoliating options, as well as Sigrid’s own eye cream. Whatever you need, there’s an option from Sigrid Naturals. And, did we mention? Most of her ingredients are grown in her own garden in Wilno, Ontario. It can’t get any better than that!

So what are you waiting for? Scoop up some Sigrid’s today. Your summer skin will thank you!



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