Danforth Feature: Circus Coffee House

If you’re ever shopping at our Danforth East location, and are looking for a meal, have we got a recommendation for you! Our friends at Circus Coffee House have options for you that are nutritious, delicious, quick, and won’t break the bank! Don’t believe such a unicorn exists? Just take a wander around the corner!

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Circus Coffee House

Walk west from Moberly, and turn right at the lights onto Woodmount Ave. There, at number 7, you’ll find Circus Coffee House. Now, don’t let the name fool you: while they do coffee well, they have lots of amazing food options, as well. If you’re ever at Moberly around lunchtime, chances are you’ll find one of us digging into their rice bowls.

Packed with rice, tahini, tamari, spices, shredded carrots & beets, tomatoes, and your choice of hummus, guac, grilled tofu, or babaganouj, it’s a lunch that will fill you up, for under $10!

Rice bowls not your thing? You can also try their vegan soup & stew of the day. Pair it with a fresh fruit or veggie juice, a shot of wheatgrass, or (yes) a coffee, and you’re set for the rest of the day!

Does the coffee taste familiar?

Because it should! Circus gets their coffee beans from the same place we do: i deal coffee!  In addition, sometimes you’ll see their wheatgrass taking up residence in our special order bin – it comes from the same place as our sprouts!

So, whether you’re looking for a quick bite, or a place to sit, eat, and read the paper, pop around the corner to Circus Coffee House! You won’t be disappointed.

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