The Legend of Uncle Buck Moberly

One day, the three wisest men in the land met to decide what to call a new little red bean that had grown in the fields. One man thought it should be called “Adzuki”. One man preferred “Aduki”. The third was partial to “Azuki”. As the three wise men argued into the night, the little beans began to tremble, Adzuki beans being quite sensitive when it comes to confrontation. The beans huddled together, and a few of the smaller Adzuki beans began to weep.

Crying Adzuki

In the morning, the men emerged from their hut, still not having reached a decision. They surveyed their field, and were shocked to see that the beans had merged into one gigantic Adzuki, which had sprouted, thanks to the tears of the littlest beans. Perched atop the sprout, dressed in his finest, sat Uncle Buck, fully grown, and perfectly formed.

“My friends,” he said to the three Wise Men, “Why must you argue? What is an Adzuki to you will still grow (and taste) the same, even if it is called ‘Aduki’ by some, and ‘Azuki’ by others. Are there not more important issues for the wisest men in the land to discuss?”

The three men stood flabbergasted and, because they were very wise, they quickly realized that this new man was even wiser than they. Buck stood with a satisfied smile and, with a waggle of his earlobes, disappeared into the morning.

Uncle Buck

The three men wisely set to preserving Buck’s likeness (and his lessons) for the generations to come. Wherever you see Buck, you know a spirit of camaraderie and cooperation presides.

As such, Uncle Buck Moberly became the honorary namesake of a small store on the Danforth. He presided over everything, including the changing of the business’ name ensuring that, regardless of what name a store is called in the minds of the people, the quality of its product remains the same.