5 Easy Ways To Lower Your Cholesterol NOW!

It seems more and more people these days are being diagnosed with high cholesterol. If you’re looking for easy ways to lower your cholesterol without drugs, or even if you have normal cholesterol levels and want to keep them that way, here are 5 easy things you can do RIGHT NOW!

    • Drink More Water

      One of cholesterol’s main jobs in the body is to keep enough water in your cells. If you are dehydrated, your cholesterol levels might be elevated in response. Thankfully, this is an easy, inexpensive fix!

    • Eat More Fibre

      The best way to eliminate excess cholesterol? Well, *ahem* you “flush” it out. Whole fruits and vegetables are a great source of fibre, and should be a “regular” part of your diet. Chia seeds, as well, contain both soluble and insoluble fibre to keep everything moving smoothly.

    • Be Mindful Of Your Blood Sugar 

      Spikes in blood sugar and increased insulin production can negatively affect your cholesterol levels. To remedy this, consider switching from processed grains to whole grains, and use honey/maple syrup/stevia/coconut sugar in place of refined sugars. Also, cinnamon is a great addition to help balance the blood sugar, and keep those cholesterol levels in check!

  • Choose Your Fats Wisely 

    In the 90s, we were told to cut out all fat in our diets. In the 00s, Dr. Atkins told us we could eat as much fat as we wanted. Well, neither one had it all right or all wrong. In actuality, the importance is on what kind of fats we are eating. By limiting your saturated and trans-fat intake, and increasing your essential fatty acids, you can help keep your cholesterol in check. Flax, hemp, and chia are great sources of the all-important Omega 3s, and will help keep your whole body in working order.

  • GARLIC!!!! 

    Raw garlic, in particular, has been shown to lower your cholesterol levels. If you’re not about to chop up some raw garlic on your toast, don’t worry. Thankfully, roasted garlic is still beneficial, and makes just about any recipe taste better. (Except cookies. No garlic in place of chocolate chips, please)

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