Reusable Containers

Cutting Down On Waste With Reusable Containers At Moberly

Last summer, a fellow bulk-store-who-shall-remain-nameless announced that you could now bring reusable containers to fill with bulk products. A few of our customers reached out to request that we do the same. The thing is . . . we’ve been allowing our customers to bring reusable containers since we first opened!

Since more and more of you are looking to cut down on your waste, we thought we’d give you a handy guide to shopping with your reusable containers chez Moberly.

The Arrival

Hello, friends! Bring your reusable containers up to the cash desk to get weighed prior to your shopping trip. Let us know if you’d like us to use permanent marker or a chalk marker (so you can wipe it off post-shop). Even if your container has been weighed before, it’s a good idea to do it again. You never know what food residue may be lurking, adding extra weight!

The Filling

Fill your container as you normally would. If the scoop is too big for the mouth of your container, or you can’t fit your container over the mouth of the gravity bins, let us know. We have some tiny scoops kicking around for just this purpose.

The Weighing

Thanks to the joys of modern technology, our computer does all the hard math for us. Using a series of very complicated button pushes, we’ll subtract the weight of your container from the weight of your bulk food. This way, you only pay for the goodness within.

The Alternative

If carrying containers to and from the store isn’t feasible for you, you’re also welcome to reuse your bags from last time. The i deal coffee bags, in particular, are good for multiple uses. If you’re reusing spice bags, however, you may want to label it. While I like a little heat to my cinnamon, you may not be as thrilled to find chili powder residue in your morning oatmeal.

If you totally blank on what to do when you get to the store, don’t worry! There’s always someone around to ask . . . and usually in a few different languages! See you ’round the bulk bins!

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