La Croix or La Croy? Either Way, DELICIOUS!

If you’ve been on Instagram lately, chances are you’ve heard about La Croix Sparkling Water. It has become the unofficial non-alcoholic beverage of choice of cool kids everywhere. And now you can join them!

La Croix

Image via @koe-zee on Instagram

La Croix has made the jump into the Canadian markets, and promptly followed with a jump onto our shelves. We’ve got three flavours to start with, and will be expanding the line over the coming weeks.

Now, if you haven’t heard of La Croix, nor read the recent Buzzfeed article, you probably have some questions. I shall endeavour to answer them:

La Croix – What is it?

Sparkling water, seltzer, whatever you want to call it. Made in the US, La Croix is new to Canadian markets

What’s in it?

Only two ingredients – sparkling water, and natural flavour. That’s right. They have no sugar, no stevia, no sodium, nothing else added.

What flavours do you carry?

Right now, we have Grapefruit, Peach-Pear, and Cran-Raspberry.

Okay, but actually – how do you pronounce it?

Alright, so any Canadian who’s sung the national anthem in both official languages knows that La Croix rhymes with (as Buzzfeed puts it) bourgeois. But, as I mentioned earlier, this water comes from an American company. If you read the FAQ section on their website,  they claim it’s La Croy.

(I’ll pause for a moment while the francophones in the group collect themselves)

We’ll accept either pronunciation, but we all know which one is REALLY correct.

Hurry in, because this first fill of La Croix will sell really quickly. I mean REALLY. Once you’ve tried it, let us know: which flavour will YOU be embroidering soon?


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