Maple Is The New Coconut (Maple Water, That Is)

If you live in Canada, chances are more than a little maple runs through your blood. It’s on our flag, it’s in and on our food, and it’s in our hearts. But whether your heart beats for maple syrup or Maple Leafs, we have an AMAZING new product for you. Maple water, to be exact.

Maple Water

So . . . What is Maple Water?

Maple water is basically maple sap. It’s the stuff that comes out of the tree when you tap it, that is usually turned into maple syrup. But instead of boiling it into the delicious brown stuff that you pour over pancakes, our friends at Maple3 use a special filtration process that leaves the nutrients intact.

Maple Sap


Why Maple Water?

If you’re looking for a post-workout pick-me-up, or just a delicious alternative to plain water, this mapley treat might be for you. It’s sweet, but not cloyingly so. It’s like water with just a hint of maple syrup.

In addition, Maple3 boasts 46 essential bioactive nutrients, including minerals, amino and organic acids, and polyphenols. These support your body functions, metabolic processes, and provide important antioxidants.

One of the most abundant nutrients in maple water is a mineral called manganese. In fact, one cup of Maple3 provides 25% of your daily dose of manganese. Its main function is as an important component of healthy bones. Also, manganese helps form connective tissues, aids in the absorption of calcium, supports your thyroid and sex hormones, helps regulate blood sugar levels, and aids in fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Whew!

Other minerals you can find in maple water include calcium, iron, and copper, among others. The nutrients found in maple water can help boost immunity, support digestive health, and aid in the prevention of degenerative diseases.

If you haven’t tried maple water yet, what are you waiting for? It makes a great base for smoothies, popsicles, or even for brewing tea! Or, you know, you could just drink it.

About The Author: 
Kelly Boaz, CNP
Kelly is a holistic nutritionist, specializing in eating disorder recovery and food freedom. She is also a public speaker (TEDx King St. West, TDSB) and a writer. Learn more about Kelly, and about booking private consultations at Twitter: @kelly_boaz    Facebook: /KellyBoazDotCom 

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