Switch It Up With False Ox Switchels

Need a fun way to stay hydrated, and help your gut health all at once? Check out the newest addition to our beverage lineup, False Ox Switchels! Made by East-Enders (and Moberly customers) Mike Riley and Jim Squires, these delicious drinks couldn’t be more local.


What are Switchels?

Dubbed “the original energy drink”, switchels are made of organic apple cider vinegar, ginger, and water. We also carry their sweetened option, which uses a bit of cane sugar.

According to the False Ox team,

The version of Switchel found in Colonial era North America most likely originated in the Caribbean, and soon became a common drink in fields, farms, taverns, and households. Historically referred to as Haymaker’s Punch, Swizzle, or Switzel, Switchel is a healthy and delicious, natural hydrating drink.

Today, our False Ox Switchels are a natural way to stay hydrated, boost your immune system, and promote gut health.

While Switchel itself is non-alcoholic, you can make a variety of alcoholic mixed drinks with it, too. Check out the False Ox website for recipes

Why do we love Switchel?

What’s not to love? Our friends at False Ox make their Switchel with all-natural ingredients. You can reap a whole lot of benefits from Switchel, thanks to its balance of those ingredients: apple cider vinegar and ginger. Both are amazing for your digestive health, help boost your immunity, and provide you with naturally-occurring electrolytes.

We have both their Original and an Unsweetened varieties. If you’re looking for an immune boost, try the Unsweetened. If you need a little extra energy, reach for the Original.

Have you tried Switchel before? Do you have another name you use for this apple cider vinegar drink? Let us know in the comments! (And then come try this amazing stuff by False Ox.)

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