Our Pool Float Winner Had Quite A Tale To Tell!

Our latest contest, in consort with our friends at Natural Calm Magnesium, invited you to tell us your best story of a time when you could have used a little extra calm in your life. Not surprisingly, our winning entry comes from our friends at Firefly Creative Writing!

Without further ado, here’s the winning story:

Okay neighbours. Here goes, a funny AND embarrassing story about a time when I could have *really* used some Natural Calm.

It was the early days of running writing retreats at Firefly Creative Writing. I was up late, as usual, writing a newsletter to hopefully rustle up interest in my newest one, which featured a songwriting workshop with @alexsings and a sock monkey making workshop with my little sister, @elizabethacfraser. Bleary-eyed, I hit send and it went out to my community before I tumbled into bed.

When I woke up I discovered a FULL inbox, not with sign-ups, but with frantic notes from friends . . . Turns out I’d put a “c” instead of an “s” at the start of “sock monkey”, and it sounded like my sweet little sister was running a VERY different kind of workshop! I’ve made a lot of typos over the years, but I’ve never lived that one down.

These days I practice responsible bedtiming, and always get a proofreader.

And what better way could there be to encourage responsible bedtiming (and calm-downs after embarrassing mistakes) than by having some Natural Calm?

Natural Calm

Thanks so much for your story, Team Firefly! We hope your retreat participants will enjoy floating their summer away on this unicorn float!

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