Mothers Day At Moberly

It’s Mothers Day this Sunday! Did you forget? Don’t worry if you did – we here at Moberly have lots of gift options available! Whether your mom is the laid-back type, or a real go-getter, we’ve got the perfect gift for her. And we promise not to tell her you got it at the last minute!

For the Mom Who Needs a Little Pampering

Let’s face it – moms work hard. At the end of a long day of work and/or wrangling her children, she could use a little pampering. For this mom, we’ve got a BRAND NEW product: Sigrid’s Ylang Y’love Body Butter. Designed specifically for its moisturizing properties, it shares a key ingredient with Chanel No. 5. Not only will mom be soft and smooth, but she’ll smell great, too!

For the Mom Who You’ve STRESSED OUT!!!

If you’ve been giving mom a hard time lately, she could probably use a little stress relief. Luckily for you (and her), we’ve got stress relief in CHOCOLATE! Our new chocolate barks from Prana feature a variety of superfood ingredients, including Maca. Maca is an adaptogenic herb which helps the body adapt to stress. It’s also a great hormone balancer, which can go a long way toward helping mom feel her best.

Just a Little Mothers Day Love

Sometimes, you just want to tell mom, “I love you”. And there couldn’t be an easier way to do that than with Pukka Love tea.  Bright pink and beautiful, it’s a great way to remind mom how much you love her this Mothers Day.

Now, you know mom best, so if a grapefruit and tofu is the way to her heart, then far be it from us to stop you from buying them as a Mothers Day gift. But may we suggest that you make a stop at our neighbours at the Nooks to round out your gift?

From all of us to all of you, Happy Mothers Day!

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